NGVC provides a portfolio of locally blended and imported lubricants under license and from BP, one of the top international companies operating in the field of production and marketing of lubricants and fuels. The portfolio involves lubricants for both Diesel and Gasoline operated engines, together with the Visco NGV, all available for sales and oil change services at 19 oil centers and fast tracks, available at Car Gas refueling stations in 9 govern orates.

Prime HD50

Prime HD50: In November 2015 cargas has taken its first steps in producing its first automotive lubricant under its new brand name "Prime".

Prime is a Mono Grade lubricant specialized for diesel vehicles. This grade is selling over 81 Million liters  annually in different governor ates .

Available packs now : 1,4,16 and 20 Liters and  drum.

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