Lubricants activity in Natural Cas Vehicles Co. "Cargas " represents an important axis in the reflection of the management strategy in terms of the variety of activities that benefit the company in addition to opening new opportunities for expansion.

Lubricants Activity Has Began during Year 2004, where (argas has started to distribute BP Lubricants exclusively in Egypt with specialized oil for the compressed natural gas vehicles. We then increased the products to cover all the needs of Gasoline, Diesel, hydraulic and gear oils.

Our vision is to provide a high quality product to the Egyptian market tested through many performance experiments and conform to international standards.

We also considered a competitive Price considering the economic conditions of customers and encouraging them to use a high-quality product that would protects their equipment, Passenger cars or Commercial cars.



Visco CNG

Specifically formulated by BP for gas engines and dual Fuel Engines. API SG on oxidation stability and anti-wear. Viscosity at 100oC is higher than regular 20W-50 and VI improver treatment rate is optimised for gas engine high temperature handling.

Visco 2000

Visco 2000 is a multi grade oil intended for gasoline engines . API specification SJ/CF - SAE viscosity grade 20w/50 .

Visco 3000

Visco 3000 semi synthetic is suitable for use in automotive gasoline engines where the manufacturer. API SM or earlier - specification 10W-40 lubricant.

New visco 3000

New visco3000

Visco 5000

Visco 5000 is a premium fully synthetic oil use where the very high levels of performance is required . API specification SN - SAE viscosity grade 5w/40 .


The BP diesel heavy duty series are designed for diesel engines SAE 50 - available as API CF. Good high temperature stability and oxidation resistance Competitively priced for applications requiring this quality level.

Energear Axle

BP Energear Axle 85W-140 is a multigrade gear oil recommended for differentials, transaxles and transmissions of Trucks, LCVs and Passenger cars requiring API GL-5

Autran Dex

High performance usage in automatic gear boxes Protecting from high temperature and oxidation. Highly resistance from wear and friction. Meet the following requirements FORD MECRON * ( M2C - 185A ) ALLISON C4

Dot 4

Fully synthetic brake fluid for using in brake systems and clutches for all types of vehicles , bikes and heavy trucks .


The BP Hydraulic Oil range are based upon mineral oil enhanced with a stabilized zinc additive system BP Hydraulic is primarily for use in hydraulic equipment, but is suitable for other duties in which lubricants with good oxidation stability and lubrication performance are required.


In November 2015 cargas has taken its first steps in producing its first automotive lubricant under its new brand name "Prime". Continuing to develop the products offered by the company to its customers, Cargas has developed and produced a high quality diesel engine Oil, Prime Multi product within the products Under car Gas Lubricant Brand Name.

HD 50 diesel oils


are mid performance diesel engine lubricants meet the needs of engine design technology and wide range of trucks where API CD performance lubricants are required.

  • Naturally aspirated and turbo charged diesel engine.
  • Light trucks and heavy duty commercial vehicles.
  • Four-stroke gasoline engine in motorcycle.
  • Specialized anti wear additives system resist wear under all operating conditions provides long engine life.
  • Specialized TBN improver additive improve oil chemical stability that maintain longer drain interval than all other equivalent products.
  • High temperature stability and oxidation resistance .

  • Prime


    Prime CF4 keeps your engine clean and makes it more reliable.


    Prime CF4 is designed for turbocharged and naturally aspirated diesel engines. It can Be used in trucks, buses, and in off-road and agricultural equipment.

  • Keeps your engine clean by controlling deposit build up to give you reliable Engine performance.
  • As an engine works harder it will get hotter, and the higher temperatures will accelerate oil oxidation and deposit formation. Hard carbon deposits and lacquer formation lead to bore polishing and high oil consumption.
  • Prim cf4 viscosity offers exceptional oil consumption control on worm engines because of the wide viscosity range.