Reducing the accident by 14% compared to the previous year Through workshops & training in order to reduce injuries &accident.

Environmental measurements "gaseous emissions - noise - thermal st ress - inhaled dust - intensity of extinction - gaseous pollutants in the working environment" to ensure that measurements are not exceeded the limits allowed by the Environment Law.

Implementation of preventive maintenance plans for alarms, fire fighting systems and manual fire extinguishing systems to ensure their ability to operate in emergencies.

Training 298 workers on fire fighting and implementation of emergency plan items.

Renewal of civil defense approvals for stations by 20% of the total stations.

Updating the risk assessment of the company's activities to control the risk.

Reduce the noise from the compressor compared to the previous year by 10% through the application of preventive maintenance on engines.

Implementation of the phantom plan at all sites by 100%.

183 work permissions were issued for various works without injury or lost time.

Implementation of the plan of maintenance of car tracking devices for all cars of the company.

Updating the personal protective equipment by purchasing the best equipment in compliance with international standards in addition to testing them with approved laboratories to provide the best available materials for occupational health, taking into account t he economic dimension through using long lasting good personal protective equipment.

Achievements Saftey Station

Quality and ISO Quality Review

Strategic Objectives:

1. Adopting the strategic objectives of the company from the Chairman & Managing Director and Managing Director& Member of the Board of Directors and the General Directors of the company with the implementation ratios.
2. Distribution of the objectives of each department and action plans and identify responsibilities to achieve those strategic objectives, and follow up their implementation.

Rising Awareness

To the general managers and employees with the quality ,environment and HSE system about the terms of the updated standard for the specification of ISO 9001: 2015 , 14001: 2015 by the company's consultant for quality ,environment and HSE system

Identify the work risks

In terms of quality in cooperation with all departments of the company concerned with quality, environment and HSE system and assess these risks.

Develop and integrate

The work procedures to the departments (marketing / calibration / transport / construction / supply and material planning /IT) in the quality, environment and HSE system.

Modifying the procedures

Of quality, environment and HSE system and distribute them to all departments of the company.

Follow up

With the consultant the work plans continuously to move from the old specification to the new standard.