The company has converted [22649] vehicles during 2019
Taxi Private Bus Truck Companies Renew
5106 11952 2900 60 199 2432

Which represents an increase of 39% over 2018 of the total converted vehicles in Egypt


Simulation model

For the first time in the field of compressed natural gas industry, a mobile simulation model was developed for use in training and technical explanation in exhibitions and companies as a marketing method in kind to explain and simplify the conversion system. The model was presented at the Franchise Fair at the RitZ-Carlton Hotel from 17/11/2018 to 19/11/2018.

After Sales Service

Established database for new and current customers, linking them to the company's internal information network at all locations to follow up customers and increase the efficiency after sales service.
Contracted with international companies for maintenance and repair of its vehicles and solve their problems.