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Since 1995

NGVC (Natural Gas Vehicles Company) has been incorporated in 1995 as the first company in Egypt to commercialize the vehicular natural gas as an alternative fuel for vehicles In January 1996, the company inaugurated the first public CNG and conversion centre in Egypt,Africa and Middle East. The company’s authorized capital was fully paid; contributions to the total paid capital were as follows: BP-Egypt 40%, Egypt Gas 40%, and ENPPI 20%.

NGVC realized a series of successes and its accomplishments were catalytic in putting Egypt as one of the top countries in that field. In 2003, NGVC added a new activity to its operations: The locally blended and imported lubricants under license and from BP.

NGVC was established in September 1995, with spearheads shareholders:
Egypt Gas 40%

Egypt Gas was established in September 1983 as the first gas contractor company in Egypt. The shareholders were Petrogas-80%,and Press construction as a member of AMEC group-20% with an issued share capital 2 million Egyptian pounds. In 1985 upon which capital was raised to 9 million Egyptian pounds. Egypt gas initiated mainly as a gas contactor for a residential and electric power stations as well as other establishments in the industrial sector. Egypt Gas also acted as a civil contractor for housing area in gas fields and natural gas vehicles stations as well as complexes of pressure reducing stations.

BP Egypt 40%

BP Egypt has been involved in the Egyptian Oil and Gas industry for 40 years with focus on the exploration and production business stream. Until recently, BP’s main area of activity was concentrated in the Gulf of Suez where GUPCO (Gulf of Suez Petroleum Co.) has produced over 4.3 billion barrels of oil since the late 1960’s. BP continues to be active as a major oil producer in the Gulf of Suez and the Western Desert, however, and over the last few years, BP has consolidated its position as one of the main players in the new phase of Egypt’s hydrocarbon industry with the development of its gas business in the offshore of the Nile Delta.


ENPPI provides a full range of services in engineering, procurement, construction, supervision, and project management. ENPPI ensures the adherence of the oil industry to stringent technical standards. ENPPI provides its specialized services in all possible contractual roles. This allows for a flexible approach to projects of all types and sizes. As a main contractor, ENPPI assumes full project responsibility for engineering and performing all tasks from initial planning studies to commissioning of turnkey facilities. ENPPI can enter into joint venture associations with national and international firms to design and build projects on a turnkey basis.

Eng.Nasr Amin
Chairman and Managing Director

Ms:Rawda Badr Hamamm
NGVC Managing Director and Board Member BP Egypt.

Eng.Mohammed Abd elAziz
Chairman Assistant–Project Management – Enppi

Eng.Sameh Kassem
Chairman Assistant–Project Management – Enppi
Eng. Ihab Salem
General Manager For Constructions

Holds a B.Sc. in civil engineering, class 1987, Building Section. Eng. Ihab Salem held positions as an executive engineer at el Sherouk City and a design engineer at the housing and constructing Company and the Egyptian company for Construction before moving to NGVC in 1999 where he held different positions till becoming the General Manager for the Constructions Department.

Mr. Mahmud Saied Bakry
Human Resources General Manager.

Mr. Essam Marzouk
Legal Affairs General Manager.

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We add value for our customers by anticipating and identifying their needs and providing cost-effective solutions. Through excellent and efficient service, we meet our customers’ expectations.

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We act as the channel of choice for our suppliers by providing cost-effective and efficient ways to bring their products, services and solutions to our mutual customers.

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We provide an environment that challenges our employees to learn, grow and prosper in an atmosphere of respect and recognition.

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Being the industry leader in the products and services we offer provides increased shareholder value at optimal risk.