Conversion and refuelling

All types of vehicles to be powered by natural gas


Natural Gas Vehicles Company (CarGas) is considered to be the pillar of the vehicular compressed natural gas industry In A.R.E Cargas continues the process of tender, which started in 1996 in the petroleum sector to achieve high quality service to citizens and improve the environment. In addition, rationalizing energy support by expanding the supply of cars to work with natural gas in all governorates of the Republic based on the technical expertise of the human element which represents the real wealth of the company.

Since start of its operations, Car-gas was keen on establishing standards of security, safety and occupational health as a cornerstone of this vital sector which affects citizens in their daily lives. Car-gas was also keen on establishing highly experienced and knowledgeable technical work force trained to conduct all conversion, refueling and maintenance work related vehicles operated by natural gas.

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Benefits of using natural gas as fuel


We work for a better, cleaner, and healthier environment. We promote natural gas as Egypt's environmental transportation fuel that contributes to improving the environment and public health. Green is our color, and Green is our policy.


We strive to maintain an accident free workplace and we take a leadership position in the protection of the environment, the health and safety of our employees, contractors, the users of our products and the communities in which we operate.


We provide cost-effective solutions that add value to our customers and we promote natural gas as an alternative fuel that helps in accelerating growth rates of the Egyptian economy.

Selling price : 3.5 EGP/m3

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77 Station
22 Conversion Center
22 Oil Center
369 Point of sale

The Purpose of the Company (as per its basic system)
Design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of CNG operation system in its Various forms.
Manufacturing, construction, operation, maintenance, management and Ownership of gas centers and system.
Mixing and marketing lubes under rules of EGPC &EGAS in accordance with The applicable regulations.
Import & export.
Gas Stations
Company's Objectives

Cargas is the first company in Egypt and the Middle East to establish CNG conversion center and refueling station. The company's objective is to contribute to the country's plan to promote the usage of natural gas as a clean and environmentally friendly vehicular fuel, with providing high quality customer service that ensures customer satisfaction, which is our goal.

Gas Station Marketshare in Egypt
CarGas  40%

Others  60%

Conversion Center Marketshare in Egypt
CarGas  29%

Others  71%

Oil authorized distributors

NGVC provides a portfolio of locally blended and imported lubricants under license and from BP, one of the top international companies operating in the field of production and marketing of lubricants and fuels. The portfolio involves lubricants for both Diesel and Gasoline operated engines, together with the Visco NGV, all available for sales and oil change services at 19 oil centers and fast tracks, available at Car Gas refueling stations.